Stone Landscape Juniper Bonsai - Bonsai Creek

Stone Landscape Juniper Bonsai

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The rocks selected for this unusual arrangement are imported and washed in acid making them strikingly unique. We then cut and cement the rocks to one side of the pot, leaving an ample well between them to hold water. A ceramic bridge is cemented to the rocks on either side. A pagoda figurine is also added and cemented to the stone located above the bridge. To complete the scene, we cement a miniature, glazed, mud figurine fisherman overlooking the water holding a fishing pole and fish. On the opposite side of this restful scene, we have selected for planting, the ever popular Juniper bonsai. The entire landscape is arranged in an attractive, glazed, imported ceramic container. You'll notice that this Juniper has been trained in the traditional 'windswept' bonsai style.

Age: 10 yrs. old

Height: 10" - 11" tall

Note: Purchasing a humidity/drip tray is strongly recommended along with the purchase of your bonsai. They help to protect the surface(s) the bonsai is placed on and your bonsai's health.