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Juniper Bonsai in Water Pot

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When we think of a traditional bonsai and what it should look like, the image that typically springs to mind is a that of a Juniper bonsai. Bonsai symbolize peace, harmony and balance. It shows the tenacious fight of a tree against elements to create a true miniature replica of what we admire in nature. A bonsai is symbolic of the minimalist approach of Zen Buddhism and teaches us to remove clutter from our lives. All of this is the reason why our impressive, trouble-free evergreen is an excellent gift for those who appreciate nature and bonsai culture.

Our bonsai features a Juniper planted on one side of the pot and on the other side of the pot is a well that holds water. We include a ceramic fisherman figurine along with a fishing pole, line and ceramic fish (as shown). You'll notice that this Juniper has been trained in the traditional 'windswept' bonsai style.

Age: 8 yrs. old

Height: 10" - 13" tall