Yellow Jade Baoding Balls
Yellow Jade Baoding Balls

Yellow Jade Baoding Balls

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They are known by several names (Chinese meditation balls, Chinese medicine balls, etc.) but they all lead back to one long standing Eastern practice of stress relief and recovery.  We are proud to reintroduce you to the Boading balls.  These aren't the squishy, bouncy stress balls many Western cultures have become accustomed.  Boading balls have been used in China for centuries.  Using them can result in numerous benefits including: 

  • improving finger dexterity,
  • not only relaxes muscles, but also provides therapeutic value for both the body and the mind
  • aiding in the recovery of muscle strength and motor skills after hand or wrist surgery.
  • promoting better blood circulation in the hand and fingers

How it's done:

The basic exercise consists of holding a pair of Baoding balls in the palm of one hand, rotating them (switching the relative position of the two balls) while maintaining constant contact between them. 

Ball Diameter: 5cm/2inch; A perfect size for your hands.

Hand Polished

**This is natural stone, There may be a little chromatic aberration(s)**