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Eastern White Pine Bonsai

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Our native Eastern White Pine is a stately miniature tree with long fine needles clustered in 5's along the branches which gives a soft, feathery look. The Native American Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederation) called it the "Tree of Peace". This name was given to the tree due to an ancient legend depicting a battle between 5 different nations of people and the resulting peace that came thanks to the intervention of The Great Spirit, the "Peacemaker" and its use of an Eastern White Pine. The 5 needle clusters representing the 5 nations. Finding you need to introduce some peace into your environment our Eastern White Pine is perfectly suited for the task. Being an evergreen it is best to be kept outdoors.

Age: 58 yrs. old

Height: 28" x 25" x 29" tall

Note: Potted in a 14" brown round mica container. Purchasing a humidity/drip tray is strongly recommended along with the purchase of your bonsai. They help to protect the surface(s) the bonsai is placed on and your bonsai's health.