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'Chinzan' Azalea Bonsai

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Don't be fooled by its compact size, dwarf habit with deep pink flowers and small, shiny pointed, evergreen leaves. This bonsai demands respect and to take center stage where ever it is displayed. Azaleas or "tsutsuji" as they are called in Japan have developed a culture surrounding them that has been enjoyed by the Japanese people since ancient times. To this day azaleas are designated as the official flower in many municipalities in Japan. Unlike other Azaleas that bloom in early spring, the Chinzan is known for its prolific pink blooms from May to June that may bloom in shade. For those in or seeking positions of authority this is a must have to add to the atmosphere that you are seeking to convey. The fact that it has easy outdoor care is a bonus.

Age: 32 yrs. old

Height: 13" x 12" x 14" tall

Note: Potted in an 13" brown rectangle mica container. Purchasing a humidity/drip tray is strongly recommended along with the purchase of your bonsai. They help to protect the surface(s) the bonsai is placed on and your bonsai's health.