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'Banyan Fig' Bonsai

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Ficus retusa is also known as the 'Banyan Fig'.  It's appearance invoking images of some far off jungle, tropical birds and warm climates. The Retusa has small, dark green leaves which are more oval than the Ficus Benjamina. Grey to reddish bark dotted with small horizontal flecks, similar to tiger-like markings. Bring a little of the beauty of the rain forest into your home, office, or meditative space. The Retusa is among the most tolerant, versatile and trouble-free bonsai trees for indoor use.

Age: 56 yrs. old

Height: 27" x 20" x 32" tall

Note: Potted in a 18" brown rectangle mica container. Purchasing a humidity/drip tray is strongly recommended along with the purchase of your bonsai. They help to protect the surface(s) the bonsai is placed on and your bonsai's health.