About the Founder

A long time practitioner of meditation, Fredric Rivers Jr. has long understood the significance it plays in one's daily life. Shortly before his 18th birthday, Fredric was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) a liver disease that would eventually require him to have a liver transplant in order to save his life. Almost three years following his liver transplant he was diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer which would require the removal of his colon to save his life. During this time, Fredric learned about the benefits of meditation and how his physical and mental health would improve as a result. Looking inward to find the peace necessary to endure the trauma that he had been through and overcome challenges the future would hold would turn into the inspiration to begin his entrepreneurial journey.

Having a love for both nature and gardening from an early age Fredric was drawn to Bonsai trees as one of his preferred mediums of meditation. Wanting to get a true understanding of what a Bonsai tree was and what it represented he did his research. Learning the long and celebrated culture surrounding bonsai, Fredric wanted to honor it by both practicing and sharing what he learned and come to love with others.