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Deodar Cedar Bonsai

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The power that emanates from this tree is undeniable which may be why forests composed of these trees were the favorite living places for ancient Indian sages.  The name Deodar is derived from the Sanskrit term 'Devadaru'; Deva meaning divine and daru meaning tree.  With its arching branches and attractive gray green foliage our Deodar bonsai is sure to attract some attention while bringing positive energy into your space.  

A remarkable one of a kind bonsai.  Makes an excellent addition for yourself of as a gift.  Order while its still in stock!

Age: 23 yrs. old

Height: 27" x 24" x 34" tall

Note: Potted in a 13" brown rectangular mica container. Purchasing a humidity/drip tray is strongly recommended along with the purchase of your bonsai. They help to protect the surface(s) the bonsai is placed on and your bonsai's health.