• Spirituality in the African American Community: The African Origins of 'The Black Church'

    “Buoyed by the spirit of their ancestors they dug deep within themselves to forge a link between the African spirituality of their past and the African American spirituality that was coming to birth. It was African spirituality that helped those forced into slavery to redefine themselves, find unity and express inner strength despite the experience of oppression. African spirituality buffered white slaveholders’ attempts to destroy African cultural identity."
  • Meditation in the time of COVID-19

    "Meditation affords us the able to gradually change our relationship with anxiety, differentiating between what is an irrational episode and what’s true."
  • Aromatherapy: Essential Oils. What are they and how do they work?

    "With concerns like the rise of the opioid epidemic people are turning to more holistic and natural alternatives to treat symptoms and conditions that would otherwise be treated by pharmaceutical medications."
  • Mala, Japamala, Yoga Beads: The History, Definition and Uses of the "Prayer Garland"

    "Utilized all around the world in many different shapes, sizes and colors the mala is a powerful tool to be employed in cultivating spiritual energy."
  • Which meditation practice is best for you?

    Meditation is a life skill that never becomes obsolete, no matter how much time has passed or circumstances have changed it can always benefit you.