A Drop In The Ocean

The content of our thoughts.
We put so much importance on the thoughts that swirl around our minds. Why? Why do we give our thoughts so much weight? What are they made of that makes them feel so heavy, so urgent? Our thoughts are a result of everything we (think) we know, feel, events we've witnessed and things we've been told to believe. Our thoughts are our truth, until they are weight against the truth.

We know what we know when we know it. If we wrote down a thought of ours right now would it still hold true 5, 10, 15 years from now? Would we still see it as important or unimportant as we do now? As we grow (physically, mentally, spiritually) our thoughts grow with us. Think about the thoughts of a child, heck think about the things you held as life changing when you were 7 or 8. Do you still think those things are as important now that you are a few years older? I may be dating myself here but I remember when getting that new Sega Genesis game could make or break my summer. We all have our recollections of our childhood of those things that made life worth living. As we grow older we find new reasons that come from life experience, new expectations, new desires, and new/different perspectives.

Let me put it another way. Imagine you took an eye dropper sampled some water from the closest body of water near you; stream, river, lake, or ocean. Now if you took one drop of that water and put it under a microscope and looked at it there would be a world of microorganisms in front of your eyes. Every drop alive and because of it's contents it is important and significant being an example of were it originated. Now let's go on a journey, from wherever you are in the world to a place you've never been; someplace you've only ever heard about or seen in books, magazines or t.v. Now once you've arrived seek out the nearest body of water and sample it. Are the contents the same? Is the microscope flora and fauna identical from the same you took at home? Or are they different? Don't worry I'll tell you so you don't have to guess, "They are different."

I say all this to say that as we journey through life and choose to grow it is a endeavor that changes the content of our character, our thoughts and our ambitions. Think of your thoughts as drops of water, no matter where you go it's a pretty safe bet to say that a drop of water here or across the globe will always look the same. It is it's contents that change as they should no matter when or where we are. So next time you have a thought laugh at it cause one day maybe soon that thought, like a drop of water, will weigh on you as heavily as a single rain drop and be dismissed just as easily.

"As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it." - Lao Tzu

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